August 21st and 22nd Strolls

Since I park my car in the garage and use the back door into the kitchen I rarely ever walk up the front walkway. So, the other day when I went out there I was appalled by how unkempt the front shrubs and gardens looked!

I informed Mr. C that we would be working to fix that this weekend. We got most of it done yesterday with just a bit more clean up this morning.

Here are the before and after shots…

Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 001 Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 004

Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 002

Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 006

Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 003

Sunday Stroll Aug 22,2010 005

Plus, we got the lawn all mowed, the fire pit cleaned out, and various other odds and ends. We are tired!

I hope you all had a wonderful and productive weekend.

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One Response to August 21st and 22nd Strolls

  1. caprik says:

    You were productive!!! Looks loverly!

    I cleaned out cupboards. I feel productive too! It’s nice to open a door and not get beaned by Tupperware!

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