Goat Lips

There is a new precious face to greet me in the mornings at Chesley…

Chesley Goats 032

Farmer Brown (my boss) purchased her from the county fair.

All of the goats make me feel truly loved when they come running to the fence to see me.

I call this one Harvey even though she is a girl…

Chesley Goats 033

For some reason she reminds me of Harvey Korman from the old Carol Burnett show, not sure why exactly.

Goats have the sweetest lips. No really, see for yourself…

Chesley Goats 029 Chesley Goats 034

Chesley Goats 014

Chesley Goats 030

Chesley Goats 005

Don’t you just want to give them kisses??!!! I know I do!

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One Response to Goat Lips

  1. caprik says:

    Thems is cute goatses!!!!

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