Welcome Julio!! AKA Julie, AKA Baby

This morning Mr.C and I drove out to Warrenton VA in order to meet the lovely family that was giving us our beautiful new rooster.

A very nice gentleman and his three children, (2 boys and a girl) met us in the parking lot of Walmart. Mom had to stay home in case she went into labor with #4!

I could see that the beautiful little blonde girl was feeling pretty sad about giving up her friend Julie/Julio. So I assured her that he was coming to live at a pretty cool place and that Julio would have a nice house and pretty girlfriends. Also that he would get treats every day and be plenty spoiled! I also gave her the link to this blog so that she could read about his life here on The Hill.

One of the boys came up and said “His NAME is BABY!” So I said, I thought it was Julie/Julio?”

He said “No, his NAME is BABY!” Clearly he has strong feelings on the subject! So, I think I’ll call him Baby Julio so all will be satisfied.

So here he is…

Julio 005

The introductions went well, Mrs. B, was the first to get acquainted…

Julio 006

Then she went and told Chicken Little and Speck how handsome he is!

Julio 007

Speck agreed and went over to have a drink with him although she was a bit shy…

Julio 008

He seemed to really enjoy the cherry tomatoes…

Julio 014

We’re anxious to hear his crow.

In other news, the little bitty squirrel is doing well. She’s getting a few whiskers and kind of a peach fuzz…

baby squirrel

AND… Most importantly!!!

A big hug and a kiss

to my MaMa!!! xoxoxoxoxo

She turns 89 today!!!

Happy Birthday MaMa!

We love you BUNCHES!!!!


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2 Responses to Welcome Julio!! AKA Julie, AKA Baby

  1. caprik says:

    Happy Birthday, EEEK!!!!!!

    And welcome Baby Julio, you are going to like it there!

  2. Vickie Hunt says:

    What food do you give a baby squirrel?

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