Something To Crow About

Mr C and I have really been missing the sounds of Seymour’s crows in the morning.

So as I was perusing Craig’s List the other day I clicked on an ad for a free rooster that had to find a new home. Apparently this was a case of they got a chick for their little girl that they were told was a hen and as it grew up it started crowing.  So ‘Julie’ became Julio. But they live in the city and can’t keep a rooster. The little girl is very sad to lose her pet but I think she’s happy to know he is coming to Sassy Cat Hill where he will be loved and spoiled.

Here’s the picture that was posted on Craig’s List…


How could I resist??? We’ll get him tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Something To Crow About

  1. caprik says:

    Welcome to The Hill, Julio! I’m sure you will like it there!
    He looks very handsome.

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