Miscellaneous Week Recap Mish Mash

I wrote a Sunday Stroll post last week but for some reason my pictures wouldn’t show up and I got frustrated and deleted the whole thing.

So, we had a visitor the other morning…

wildlife sightings 002

Mr C and I stood on the deck. and watched him empty the feeders. What a fun way to start the day!

Last Tuesday a call came in to the wildlife center about a baby squirrel that just happened to have been dropped off at my very own vet clinic! So guess who is raising her??  Talk about itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie…

baby squirrel 003

Warren, a favorite blogger, wrote in this post about using a tomato press. On his recommendation I decided to get myself one. Unfortunately, unlike Warren, I didn’t get mine on a clearance rack, I had to order it from Williams Sonoma…

blog stuff 2 004

The beautiful seed and skin free sauce done in an hour…

blog stuff 2 002

The leftovers that will make the chickens very happy…

blog stuff 2 001

And this is one of the many reasons I love Mr.C. Every evening he goes out and sits on the porch to give old Brutus some lovin…

blog stuff 2 005

blog stuff 2 006


Well, that’s the mish-mash. Hopefully these pictures will post!

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous Week Recap Mish Mash

  1. caprik says:

    Was that the skinny bear?

    I would NEVER have known that was a squirrel!! How can you tell??? What’s it’s name?

    Warren, a fountain of USEFUL information!

    There are many, many, reasons to love Mr. C, and his kind heart is only the tip of the iceberg!!

  2. warren says:

    I bet you don’t mind spending the money on the press though do you? I use ours way too much in the summer and it saves my butt…repeatedly. Dealing with maters w/o a press is awful…

    My press takes a beating too and is still in perfect shape!

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