Missing My Peeps

Ben and Joanie left yesterday after a fun week. It was so great having them here.

Having young folk around is good for me! We actually went to see a movie… at a THEATER! I can’t even remember the last time I did that. We went to the Alamo Draft House Theater where you can watch your movie and order from a full menu all throughout the film and they bring it right to your seat. Beer and wine are available as well. It was interesting. We saw Inception. Intense!

Afterwards they introduced me to the sinfully delish Cold Stone Creamery. Danger!

On another day, I introduced them to the delights of our Golden Corral,  aka ‘The Pig & Trough’ and also took them on their first Costco experience. 


We went to the river and floated around….



We did some fishing, Joanie skunked us all… that girl can fish! No one hooked a Muskie though.


It was really a great week. I can’t wait until the next visit!

If they had only stayed one more day they might have seen this guy…


he showed up at about 7:30 the evening they left.

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5 Responses to Missing My Peeps

  1. Abby says:

    I am not going to lie, I thought I was reading Debbie’s blog for a minute! No Joke! You going to the movies and out for Coldstone?! I never thought it would happen! 😉

  2. caprik says:

    Oh, I just LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!!!!
    She came and asked me if I had read your new post last night, when I said I had not, she said exactly what she commented!

    Several things:
    Your front porch ferns look delicious.
    I’m glad you had fun with The Kids.
    That bear looks skinny.
    DITTO everything Abby said!!!!LOL again!

  3. CapriP says:

    Ditto everything they said!! LOL!

  4. Joanie K. says:

    Your peeps are missing you too!!!

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