Sunday Stroll July 18th, 2010

Another hot day in store and our upstairs air is not working yet again! Apparently there is a short in a wire somewhere… who knows.

Anyway, I grabbed the camera and did a quick stroll this morning.

The Agastache is in it’s glory in this heat…


which in turn makes the butterflies and bees very happy…


The Stargazer lillies would rather be cooler, but they keep trying…


Why Tux wants to lay on the uncomfortable gravel I’ll never figure out.


Despite the miserable heat and humidity, I did good on my project list yesterday. Moved some plants around and made some changes that have been on my mind. I’ve fired the sprinklers back up and am praying for rain once again.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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2 Responses to Sunday Stroll July 18th, 2010

  1. caprik says:

    Those stargazer lillies are just beautimous.
    Hi Tux-A-Roo!

  2. warren says:

    Maybe it’s time to play in the sprinklers…I absolutely do it all the time…uh…to instruct the kids how to do it properly of course

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