Well, The Weekend Started Out Good…

On Saturday we had nice weather, not too hot, not too humid. We got some yard chores done and we’re looking forward to the rest of a fun-filled weekend.

On Saturday evening we went out for dinner with the Crazy Dog People and then onto see a baseball game at our local stadium. (Yes, we do too have a stadium!)

Sunday morning we had planned to have a nice breakfast and then head out to the river for a few hours of Musky hunting. But I felt really ‘off’, super tired, stomach pains and a few hot flashes so I asked Mr C if he would mind going on Monday instead. I went back upstairs and slept until about noon. That right there told me something wasn’t right. By the evening I was pretty miserable.

On Monday I managed to go to work and get a few things watered but headed home and right to bed. I stayed in bed all day… 100 degrees outside and I had flannel pjs on with a sweatshirt and my heavy quilt bedspread and still shivering!  Mr. C took good care of me and as you can see, I was surrounded by lots of concerned Sassies… yes, the lump in the middle is me.


Today I’m still not right, but I’m starting to feel halfway human again.

I took Brutus into the vet this morning to get those broken teeth pulled. But I’m still not well enough to make it to the wildlife center though.

I just got a call from my friend Stacey who just drove by and saw two bears tearing down our birdfeeders! Kinda scary since I was just out there adjusting the sprinkler! Hopefully they were caught on the bear cam! If not, she said she got a couple of pics that she’ll send me.

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4 Responses to Well, The Weekend Started Out Good…

  1. caprik says:

    Oh DEAR, Poor Schmenky!
    So glad the Sassies were trying to keep you warm and comfy. Hopefully by tomorrow, you’ll feel like a new Girl!

  2. CapriP says:

    So sorry Sissy………hope you feels back to normal soon!

  3. deb says:

    oh, I’m so sorry your feeling poorly. Do you think its a bug? Rest it away. Hugs…

  4. Zona says:

    I’m so sorry you felt so sick! Nick just mentioned this morning that Cam emailed that you were in bed for two days. 😦 I bet those sassies helped make you feel a little better!! No bear sightings down here – we have to get that camera set up!

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