Backyard Bears!

Yes the bear-cam worked!




And Stacey got some good shots too…

0710 014 (3)

0710 016

I can’t believe that I was right inside and missed the excitement! But, being that I had just been outside 5 minutes before… that’s ok. I’m wondering if this was the mother that brought her two cubs last year… and if so, what happened to the other one?

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2 Responses to Backyard Bears!

  1. caprik says:

    YIKES!!! Thems BARES!
    Just call you Grizzley Schmadams!

  2. warren says:

    My parents have lost so many bird feeders that my dad brings them in every night now…it’s crazy but the bears get used to the easy food and come back waaay too often otherwise!

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