Miscellaneous Tidbits

The past two Sundays Mr.C and I have gone out in the morning to fish for a few hours on the Shenandoah River.

We’ll pause for a second here while Schmenky sings “Oh Shenandoah”…

On our way down the road we pass this beautimous Mimosa tree…


We had one in Greensboro and I loved it so much that I brought a seedling of that tree here to The Hill. I don’t think it’s grown more than 6 inches in all of our years here, which doesn’t make sense because they are known to be fast growing ‘weed’ trees. I don’t get it. It’s never bloomed here either. *SIGH*

Two weeks ago a first happened… Mr.C SKUNKED me! I caught nadda and he caught two big bluegill!



However we did find a special secret! We found a honey-hole of Muskies… we saw several  “big erns” as Mr C sez!

I took pictures of one of my favorite subjects… cool trees



He got the Muskie fever, which is why we went back the following Sunday, at which time I skunked HIM by catching two small mouth bass.


and a great shot of a Musky with the camera…


He caught nadda!

We counted at least three different Muskies that day but never managed to get one to bite. I’m sure this info may get us a few visitors with Musky fever though!

Speaking of pictures, my good old trusty Kodak Easy Share camera has died. I was ready to go and buy the same exact camera because I really liked it, I had extra batteries, accessories and chargers and I had just figured out most of the settings. Alas, they don’t make that model anymore, so I got myself a Nikon Coolpix. It has 15x zoom which I love and so far seems very easy to use. There are a  couple of quirks that I’m not crazy about but I’ll still give it a thumbs-up.

I took a picture of the morning sunRISE using the sunSET setting…



Then I took another one using the sunRISE setting…


I was shocked at the difference. The sky really looked like the sunrise picture! Who would have thought that settings would really work that well??

We’ve been without air conditioning in the upstairs for the past week of record-setting hot temps and overwhelming humidity.  The repair man is here now, hopefully it won’t be an expensive fix.

Because…. Brutus Beefcake presented himself on the porch with both of his top front incisors broken off at the gum line.  I have no idea how or when this happened. The vet at the wildlife center says they will most likely need to be removed as they will get infected and cause major problems. I’m taking him in to our regular vet to get looked at tomorrow. 


Sigh… it’s always something.

Once again I’ll quote Mr.C…It’s still cheaper than kids!”


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5 Responses to Miscellaneous Tidbits

  1. Don says:

    Tell Mr.C to take his golf clubs out and he might catch those muskies. lol

  2. deb says:

    -Those musky must be making Mr C all twitchy, surprised he can concentrate on anything else
    -Some things never change, you were always a skilled fitcherwoman.
    -Congrats on your new camera, the sunrise photo is gorjus!
    -At least children have health insurance.

  3. caprik says:

    YOWL, Brutus’ mouth looks like it HURTS!

    LOL, I WAS singing in my mind!

    Your new babing suit looks beautimous!

  4. warren says:

    That pic of the muskie is great! They are pretty elusive visually I think!

  5. Zona says:

    Yowch! Poor Brutus! What in the world did he get himself into? If you need a blog post idea… I bet we’d all love a Roxie update. 😉

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