Crap Saturday

Did you ever make a decision about something… something that you were so sure was the right thing to do that you never really even had a second thought about it?

I was just positive that Seymour the rooster would be in much better shape if his bad eye (injured in the coup) was removed. His eye was really beginning to bulge and he didn’t seem to have good equilibrium. So I asked the vet at the wildlife center if she would remove it in exchange for a nice donation to the center.  Today was the big day…

I never dreamed that this mornings hearty crows would be his last. He had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and died on the table before the operation even began. The vet gave it her best trying to breath for him but he just wouldn’t come back. His big heart just stopped.

I held it together while I was there but once in the car I lost it. I wish I had just left well enough alone. I sure will miss his wake up crows each morning, and his welcome home from work crows in the afternoon, and his good night crows at sundown….

Rest in peace Mr Seymour. I’m so sorry… We’ll miss you.

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7 Responses to Crap Saturday

  1. Basic Living says:

    Oh honey, I am SO sorry and so sad for you. I know you feel just awful, but you had no idea it would end this way, or clearly you never would have considered it. You were trying to do what was best for Seymour. I’m just so sorry you are going through this. It just breaks my heart for you 😦 (((hugs)))

  2. Michele says:

    Oh, I am SO sorry… I am in love with my chooks too, so I do understand the joy they bring. I am down to one of the original 4, and each loss was a blow. I’m so sorry… but you did what you thought was best for him, we never know…

  3. deb says:

    Crying with you Lis’….you were doing what you thought was right. He didn’t suffer. I’m sorry.

  4. CapriP says:

    You gave him the BEST life a rooster could hope for.
    He was happy to be in your coop and is now crowing for the angels in Heaven.
    Love you L

  5. caprik says:

    You are a good Chicken Mama and you were trying to help. I know you are heartsick, sending you a cyber hug.

  6. ken hopson says:

    i’m so sorry to comment on your blog, but i couldn’t find any contact info and i wanted to know where you got the huge tub for paddy on this page … i’ve search all through the tractor supply sites and can’t find it. we love your blog, by the way.

  7. Zona says:

    Oh, Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear about this… ::hugs::

    We’ll miss hearing Seymour down here.

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