Back to Work at the Wildlife Center

I’ve begun to feel like things are coming together at Chesley enough that I can start back volunteering at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center on a regular basis.

Today was my first full day back there. I’ve missed it.

The place is chock full of baby birds… squealing, chirping, squawking, baby birds. They are demanding little things. Not much opportunity to snap pictures of them when all they want is food!

I was able to capture this shot of a baby red fox when I took food out to them though…



Over the winter, two very talented artists/muralists donated a lot of time and talent and painted these wonderful, WONDERFUL murals on the walls of the center.

Bryarpatch Artistry and Sommers End Originals

Each wall depicts a season and they used pictures of some of our very own rescued babies as inspiration.

These raccoons look amazingly alive and I just want to go and pet them!100_4069









They are all sooooooo detailed and amazing! Such amazing talent!


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9 Responses to Back to Work at the Wildlife Center

  1. Laurie --sister says:

    There must be another wall somewhere around there that could use a painting of a certain baby beaver — tell them to get on it immediately!!!

  2. Zona says:

    WOW! Gorgeous!

  3. Michele says:

    Well now, a baby beaver would be quite adorable… We WILL get on it, once the “busy” season is over. Too much going on in there right now for someone with a paintbrush to be in the way! Thank you Lisa for posting the pictures and for acknowledging the mural in your blog, that was very sweet of you. SO glad the mural makes things cheerier, and thank YOU for helping the animals!!

  4. CapriP says:


  5. deb says:

    The animals are all so sweetly depicted, reminds me of a storybook illustration. Very lovely!

  6. caprik says:

    LOVE, love , love the paintings!!

    I wanna kiss that fox!

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