B.B.B.B.B’s B.B.B.Bs

WARNING!  The following blog post may not be suitable for all readers!

If you are easily offended, are easily grossed out, a prude, or otherwise incapable of being a wee bit silly once in awhile, you might want to skip this one!








* Otherwise, continue at your own risk!





This morning, Big Bad Brutus Beefcake Brown will

Bid Bye-Bye to his Big, Beautiful, Bodacious Balls.

Let us pause for a moment of silence…


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8 Responses to B.B.B.B.B’s B.B.B.Bs

  1. caprik says:

    Oh MY, those are blatently bedazzling!!!

    And what an impressively crusty bung-hole he has as well!

    Be well, Brutus Beefcake Brown.

  2. deb says:

    LOLOLOLOL! New name, Brutus Babycake Brown.

  3. Laurie --sister says:

    OMG!!!!! He’ll weigh at least a pound less without those furry danglers. We wish him well.

  4. warren says:

    Holy…well…balls! I’ll have to show my wife…she never understands my fascination with animals’ dangily bits…

    Make sure you have an ice pack ready…he’s sure to miss that set!

  5. Basic Living says:

    Wow! Brutus is going to lose some weight for sure! Poor guy – he’s sure to miss those!

  6. CapriP says:

    bye bye big ballies!

  7. caprik says:

    How is Big Brutus after having his Big, Beautiful, Bodacious, Balls, Butchered?
    Hope he is home, doing well on the porch.

  8. Carol Braden says:

    I’m having sympathy pains/puckers/and general “ewwwwwws” just thinking about it. And I’m a girl!

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