BFG Turns My Vision Into Reality

When I rescued the old Chesley railings from the dumpster I had a vision… I had a dream…

BFG made it happen… It came out EXACTLY as I had imagined!


100_3880 100_3875

I loves him!!!

I also loves Capri D for teaching me how to use Live Writer!

I also loves Mr.C. for finding me a new mulch source and bringing me home a load.

I am NOT loving 90 degrees and pollen counts of over 6000!!!

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9 Responses to BFG Turns My Vision Into Reality

  1. deb says:

    It looks beauteeeful! Can’t wait to see that porcelain vine doing its thing.

  2. caprik says:

    Oh, I like that!!!
    That BFG is a handy feller!

    What is Live Writer?

  3. Jill says:

    LOVE IT! I saw it when I was passing by the other day and backed up to take a second look! 🙂 Is your mulch source top secret?

  4. caprip says:

    Love, love, LOVE it!! I wish BFG was coming to visit me…..seriously need help with the tiki bar top!

  5. BFG says:

    I loves You too
    I loves Capri D
    I loves gliding

    trying to figure out when I can work a visit.


  6. warren says:

    That looks awesome! But as a reward, I think you should buy that poor man a decent beer…just my 2 cents!

    • caprilis says:

      What can I say… it’s what he likes!
      I did pay for his second gliding trip if that makes you feel less sorry for him! lol

      • warren says:

        Well, I guess this can slip…he must have good taste as he picked you so we can let his beer taste slide. And cool on the 2nd gliding trip!

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