Those Amazing Animals

The most amazing thing happened to me today!

I went into work at Chesley this morning instead of going to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center because I need to get a lot things cleaned up around there.  THAT isn’t the least bit amazing…

I guess I need to back-track a bit… some of you may remember this post from last June when the center got in a baby black vulture.

He grew up at the center and was named ‘Snoopy’ because of this character…

snoopy as vulture

Snoopy had been released a number of times along with other vultures, but somehow he always ended up back ‘home’ at the center. Snoopy, it appears, does not believe that he is a vulture. Snoopy believes he is a human. He is imprinted.

So anyway, Snoopy was released again about a month ago with yet another vulture quite far from the center this time. In fact the release site is about 10 miles from Chesley.

Back to today… this morning I was at work, pulling some weeds when I heard a clatter and some squawking above my head.  I thought to myself…”my gosh, that sounds like Snoopy!”

When I looked up, sure enough, a black vulture was perched on the railing of Chesley. He was staring intently down at me.  I stood up and said “SNOOPY! Is that you???”  I never really thought it was him, but I’ll be darned if that danged vulture didn’t fly right down, landed at my feet and made Snoopy noises as he tried to untie my shoes!

(Untying shoes was quite the game for Snoopy when he lived at the center!)

He felt a bit thin to me, so I stuck him in the empty chicken coop until I could finish the job I was working on. When I got ready to go I wrapped him in a shirt and held him on my lap to drive him back ‘home’ to the center. There are two more adult vultures in the flight cage awaiting release so maybe he’ll be going again soon, but somehow I’m thinking Snoopy will keep coming back.

He was SOOOOO happy to be back in the flight cage, untying shoes, and eating the free dead rats that he loves so much.



Needless to say, I’m still STUNNED that this happened. It is beyond my comprehension that this bird came to ME out of all of the people he must have seen this past month since his last release.  Simply AMAZING!

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7 Responses to Those Amazing Animals

  1. Laurie --sister says:

    Did you have a striped shirt on like Charlie Brown? Animals really are amazing. Happy to know he’s “home” for awhile and eating delicious??? food.

  2. Jill says:

    It certainly is amazing! But I’m not the least bit surprised, actually. Of COURSE he found YOU. You have a gift! 🙂

  3. Penny says:

    Awwwwww!!! That is the BEST story! I LOVE Snoopy!!!! I hope they let him stay this time. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. deb says:

    What a story! Those critters love you, and you understand them. I do hope that Snoopy can stay “home” where he is happy and healthy.

  5. caprip says:


  6. caprik says:

    Add Vulture Whisperer to your long list of expertise!

  7. stacey says:

    And just when I thought I was safe from vulture bites~! He’s back ! That is crazy that he ended up at Chesley and then back to BRWC. I was wondering about how he was doing and thought he would surely bug the heck out of the people at the Conservation center and they would bring him back.

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