BFG Works Some Magic

BFG and Capri D are here for the weekend!!!
It’s been fairly quiet so far, C.D. and I went to the Big Cheap Store yesterday and did very well!
BFG went to our local airport while we were shopping and has BIG plans for today!!!
In the meantime though, he has been working his BFG magic for me!

When my boss decided to replace the railings at Chesley, I rescued the old ones from the dumpster that they were headed for. They have been collecting dust in neighbor Mike’s barn until I could get master designer BFG’s help to put my dreams for them into motion!

Mr. C and C.D. supervised…

I tried to help, but mostly I was only handing BFG screws and tools.
The finished project will soon be featured here on ‘the blob’.

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One Response to BFG Works Some Magic

  1. caprik says:

    I wanna go to the big cheap store!

    I must say, Mr. C. and Capri Deb look like they are working hard!

    Can’t wait to see what BFG is up to with the Chesley rails!

    I know you all will have a wonderful time!!

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