Old Barn Bargains

I responded to an ad placed in our local Valley Trader paper for ‘art stained glass’ and Mr C and I braved the rain and headed to check it out this morning. The gentleman that greeted us, Carl, was just slightly eccentric.
Carl lives in an 1700’s farmhouse called Soldier’s Rest, that some civil war hero, Daniel Morgan, lived in for some time. He came out of the house with coke bottle glasses, wearing a bright yellow hardhat and a pair of mismatched wellingtons. He then led us out through the mud to this HUGE old barn (parts of which are painted purple), that was chock full of STUFF, 3 Paso Fino horses and a Throughbred too.
We climbed up a pool ladder in order to get into a locked room in the barn where his stash was hidden under a sheet. It was surprisingly quite nicely organized. I was a bit worried about what I might find judging by the condition of the rest of the STUFF in the barn. He had a fairly good variety. It wasn’t the biggest bargin in the world though, he charges .04 per square inch. I still managed to get some good stuff for what I think was a fair deal…

I see some pretty sunrise/sunset skies in these pieces…

This was an interesting purple piece, I need some ideas on what to use this for…

It was an interesting little excursion. I told him that I would probably be back in the near future when my Sister-in-law is in town! Right Deb?

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4 Responses to Old Barn Bargains

  1. deb says:

    Right Lis’, part of the slightly high price is for the entertainment value! I can’t wait to climb the pool ladder! Nice variety…love those bright yellows too! Light purple with splots, hmmmm…you will know when the need arises….I especially like the edge on that purple…purple mountains????

  2. Penny says:

    Wow – his farm house is amazingly beautiful! I LOVE that his Wellingtons were mismatched – a man after my own heart šŸ™‚ You got some BEAUTIFUL stained glass! I like the idea of mountains with the purple – but for some reason it makes me think of fish……..

  3. caprik says:

    Can’t wait to see what you create with it!!

  4. warren says:

    You’re lucky the next person to respond to that add didn’t find your body in that barn! Sounds like a scary dude!

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