Oh What A Day!

A GLORIOUS day! A near 70 degree day! A day when I came in with dirt under my fingernails and filthy feet!
It was a chilly morning so I grouted a mosaic(pics tomorrow) and then I headed out with clippers in hand. I cut back most of what I didn’t get to in the fall and did some weeding.
The neighborhood snooper-visors came over to make sure I was doing everything to code…

There was still some of this stuff around…

Hopefully it will all disappear with the warm temps and the rain that they are calling for the rest of the week.

This will make you smile…

Spring is springing!!

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3 Responses to Oh What A Day!

  1. Penny says:

    I am smiling. I am SO smiling!!!!!! Come on spring!!!!!

  2. deb says:

    Come on spring, head north! Great angle on the horse photos

  3. caprik says:

    Smiling here as well!
    Our snow is moving out also. I don’t have pretty flowers under it though. Just a lot of Katie’s lawn sausages.

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