Unintentional Change

High winds last week brought some change to The Hill…

This was one of the Eastern Red Cedars that line the edge of the hillside woodland garden leading down to the chicken coops.
Obviously this tree was not savable so out came the chainsaw. After it came out it was obvious that the cedar next to it needed to come out as well because it was totally lopsided and looked terrible. It wasn’t an easy decision as I’m always reluctant to cut down a living tree. But, I hardened my heart and told Mr. C to top it off. We left the trunks high to use as posts for birdhouses… maybe even MOSAIC birdhouses!

It’s a bit disconcerting right now but once the forsythia and vitex shrubs leaf out the space should fill in well. There is also a small maple tree there that will totally appreciate the sunlight and rain that the cedar was keeping from it.
I spent all of yesterday chipping up the cedar branches for mulch and saving some nice branches to repair another wood arbor.
It was sunny and warm and it felt good to be outside.

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2 Responses to Unintentional Change

  1. Laurie --sister says:

    It seems like no matter what you do, your gardens and outdoors spaces look wonderful. If you put mosaic birdhouses on those stumps, be sure to seal the grout so it’s protected from the elements. A guy at Home Depot told me that some of the sealers might dull the tiles or glass — bummer. But I bought a bottle of “SurfaceGard” (stone, grout and tile sealer) to try. It’s easy to use and didn’t seem to harm the mosaics at all.

  2. caprik says:

    WOW, that really thinned the herd, but you are right, it will fluff up in the spring.

    It WAS nice to be outside yesterday without wearing a ton of layers!

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