I Guess I’m A ‘Southerner’ Now

Wow… I’ve been MIA from the blob for longer than I thought!
I was on an unexpected trip to Michigan to bid farewell to Capri K’s mom.

I had planned on returning home on Monday but a snowstorm delayed my departure for a day. I don’t drive in the snow much any more since my unfortunate incident about a year ago.

Anyway, we still had to go out and drive in it since Capri P had to get to the airport. I was backing out of BFG’s driveway from hell and this is where I ended up…

yep, perched precariously on top of the culvert.


Luckily my new hero came to the rescue! My widdle baby nephew who I used to babysit for; left work in his big honkin truck and came to pull me off the culvert.

Capri P did her part by helping to shovel… she’s a snowbird and hadn’t played in the snow for nine years!

(she was just playing, there was no need to shovel under a tire that was dangling in mid-air)

It took our mighty hero exactly 1 minute to pull me to safety and we were all so grateful!

Capri P got her suitcase and we got her to the airport in plenty of time…

Thank you TJ, you take after your dad… I was always calling on him to rescue me whenever I got into a pinch when we were younger.

Clearly I’ve lost my Michigander edge when it comes to driving in the white stuff.

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4 Responses to I Guess I’m A ‘Southerner’ Now

  1. warren says:

    I’m a Southerner now too and I couldn’t be more delighted! Rotten old snow…

  2. caprik says:

    Wimpy, wimpy, wimper-roo!!!!
    Thanks again for coming, you are a treasure!!!!

  3. deb says:

    Its a bad bad driveway…that ditch is just waiting to gobble up unsuspecting victims!

  4. Laurie --sister says:

    Glad you are safely home. It sounds like the worse part of the trip was getting out of the driveway!! How are the mosaics coming along?

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