Awe, That Was NOTHIN!

We only got a mere 5 inches or so… normally enough to shut down the town, but after last weekend it seemed like nothin!
It is windy and bone-chillin cold though so I’m sitting by the fire with a nice glass of new wine. It’s called ‘Lucky Duck’… seemed appropriate.

Please continue to keep my bff, Mrs Schmenkman and her Mom(Ruth) and family in your prayers. Hopefully she will be able to get her pacemaker put in tomorrow and will be able to begin a full recovery.
And please say an extra little prayer for Schmenky because she is missing her babies and honey and her kitty-witty-woolie-boolies.

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3 Responses to Awe, That Was NOTHIN!

  1. Penny says:

    Awwww. I’m sending positive thoughts and good wishes for your friend.

    I know what you mean about today’s storm – I would normally be stressed over 5 inches, but after this past week? Well…. The snow doesn’t bother me. It’s the wind now. WOW! I hope we don’t lose electric…..

    And I will toast you with my glass of Barefoot wine 😉 Cheers!

  2. Paula says:

    Lisa, I’ve been thinking of you and all that snow. Good to see you’ve started to dig out. I love all of your mosiac work and the shelves you built are awesome.

    Hope all the animals make out ok and you don’t get another round of the white stuff tomorrow.


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