Just In Time!!!

The UPS guy got this yummy package to me just in the nick of time. Now I’ll have something to keep me occupied (other than shoveling) during the record breaking snow storm that is beginning to dump on us!

I told you I was stocking up on supplies, let me show you what else I did…

I BUILT that shelving ALL BY MYSELF
Oh yes I did!
I shopped for the lumber and did all of the measuring, sawing, screwing, and nailing ALL.BY.MY.SELF!!!

I got all of those lovely clear plastic containers and lovingly filled them with pretty pieces of tiles, glass and glass gems.

I also dug through the potting shed until I found this old thing…

I can remember when we got this up at our cottage. I was little… lets see, probably 9 or 10 years old. We made all kinds of glasses and vases out of old bottles. I thought it was just the coolest thing! It was stuck in our old boathouse for years… I’m not exactly sure how it made it down here to Virginia but I’m glad it did! I was about to put a wine bottle into the recycling bin when I started to admire the lovely color of green that it was, and it struck me… FREE glass for mosaics! I have plenty of lovely cobalt blue wine bottles saved up too!
The directions are priceless…

After each paragraph of direction it states ” DO THIS OR FAIL!”
I failed on my first bottle, but did OK on my second.

I plan on using the glass cutter to cut strips out of the bottles. Hopefully it works!
If I start earning a living with mosaics does this mean my wine will be tax – deductible?

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6 Responses to Just In Time!!!

  1. Deb says:

    I love that leaf shape! Noticing alot of touquoise …I am so attracted to that color. You must be too. You are not gonna mind being housebound at all!

    • caprilis says:

      I was disappointed that there weren’t more green leaves in that mix… guess I’ll have to do a fall theme with most of those.
      I’m more attracted to earth tones, a lot of the turquoise you’re seeing is the gem mixes and greens. Hope I have energy to be creative after all of the shoveling I’ll be doing!

  2. caprip says:

    those shelves are totally awesome!!! Come help me in Florida and there won’t be any snow!!!!!!!

  3. Laurie --sister says:

    I think I’m jealous — it appears you already have way more mosaic stuff than me! Your organization is also to be admired.
    I wish I had a basement — as it is, I use the extra bedroom for mosaic-ing. Not ideal but all I have without turning the dining room into a craft room.
    Enjoy — and most photos of your creations.

  4. rutheh says:

    Turquoise glass search and VOILA! Here you are
    Cute banner at top of your blog.

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