Here We Go Again!

The grocery stores and hardware stores are packed with people stocking up for the possibility of being snowed in for months!!!When I was shopping yesterday I noticed that people had a lot of beer in their carts! Super bowl might be the reason I guess OR people are just so sick of snow around here that they want to drink themselves into oblivion!
The news had a story that people were actually coming to blows over snowshovels! I don’t understand why the stores run out of snow shovels every single time it snows!???? Do people just throw their shovels away after each snowstorm or what? We have had the same two shovels for the past 14 years. It puzzles me….
Anyway, ‘they’ are calling from between 18″ to 30″ of the white stuff starting around noon today.
I have a doctor appointment at 10:15, I sure hope I’m safely back up the mountain before the crap starts falling!

An update on Mrs. Schmenkman’s mom… your prayers are working! The latest word from midday yesterday was that she was responding in the best way possible. Schmenky says that she’s just like a cat with 9 lives! Please keep the prayers coming!

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3 Responses to Here We Go Again!

  1. Jill says:

    LOVE the picture!! Be careful out there! I’m home so call if you need any help or extra wheels! šŸ™‚

  2. Laurie --sister says:

    Is that your snowman? Whatever, it sure is original! Be safe and warm through the storm. (Hey, that rhymes!!!)
    Have to agree with you on that snow shovel thing — it makes no sense. People are funny.

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