Back To The Usual

It’s been a quiet week. Mr C has been away on a business trip and I’ve just been catching up on the laundry and enjoying snuggle time with the kitties.
On Wednesday I had someone coming to get a haircut so I went down the basement to straighten up a bit and make sure that the litter boxes were clean. While down there I got the urge to move a few things around and start getting my ‘craft area’ reorganized. God Himself must have put that urge into my head because while moving things I felt a drop of water hit the top of my head. I looked up to find water dripping from some pipes that only could be connected to the upstairs guest bathroom! After I finished the haircut I called neighbor Mike who is a plumber to ask him to come and have a look.
It wasn’t good! First he cut a big hole into the guest bedroom wall…

No leak there, so we went down into the dining room and cut another hole…

The pipes were wet so we knew the leak was located right between the floor upstairs and the ceiling on the main floor. Mike wanted to cut a bigger hole in the dining room ceiling but I convinced him to cut a hole in the guest room floor instead.
There was a tiny pin sized hole in the pipe that was running between the double 2x4s that you can see in the dining room picture.
I’m so glad that I was given that urge to reorganize my basement because if I hadn’t, it would have been leaking quite awhile before it was discovered and we would have had some major damage to the ceiling and floor of the dining room! I must have found the leak not long after it started. I’m so thankful!

While in Michigan the Capris had a mosaic-ing day. I made a mosaic of Paddy swimming in the pond. I worked from a picture and added some details like the sunrise and the cat tails.
I got it grouted the other day and I didn’t like how light the grout came out…

I darkened it up a bit with some wood stain and I like it better but I still think it should be darker…

I rather like doing mosaics. I even bought a tool while at my new favorite store… Hobby Lobby! Unfortunately, the closest store to me is in Pennsylvania 75 miles away! I’m going to leave early today to pickup Mr C at the airport so I can stop at a couple of craft stores in Manassass to maybe start gathering supplies!

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7 Responses to Back To The Usual

  1. caprik says:

    I’m so glad you found the leak right quick!!!

    Loving the grouted mosiac. Especially the cattails and the rock wall. I can’t wait to see mine.

    Welcome home Mr. Schmenkman!

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  3. deb says:

    Oh how fortunate to have a plumber next door, a small slow leak, and finding it right away! Isn’t it amazing how light grout turns, seems the color it looks in powder is how it will be.

  4. Kat says:

    Love your mosaic. I’m glad you found the leak, before you had to swim for it.

  5. caprip says:

    they have grout stain you can buy in any color at tile stores and even Home Depot!

  6. Kathie Briggs says:

    I love your mosaic.

  7. warren says:

    Gosh, those holes look like half of my house! Glad you found it early!

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