You Were Right Schmenky!

I DVR’d The Biggest Loser and it was very inspirational! I watched it while I walked 2 miles on the treadmill this morning. Then I did some free-weight work and played a few Wii fitness games.
And on that note…
I’ve decided that doing separate pages for my health and fitness log was too frustrating (I can’t get them to post in chronological order and it BUGS me!) So from now on I’ll just post here on my home page and hope y’all don’t get bored with me.
I have not reached my 10000 step goal for the past couple of days, BUT since I did other activities, I won’t beat myself up about it. I was close… between 8000-9000 both days so it’s not like I was veggin on the couch!
Confession… I was doing the rhythm Kung Fu on Wii fit and ended up throwing the controller on the floor in a fit of pique and broke my nunchuck!! (that is one of the controllers EEEK)
For some reason it doesn’t want to register one of the specific moves every single time and THAT messes up my score! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
(PMS just might be playing a roll here)

In other Wii news…
Mr C finally beat met in bowling!

He was so proud of himself!

I’m off to start organizing my dresser drawers… it’s another thing on my ‘list’.

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3 Responses to You Were Right Schmenky!

  1. caprik says:

    That’s BARELY beating!
    Glad you liked Biggest Loser AND are sticking to putting everything on the main blob. We ALL need to know these valuable stats!

    I have been organizing as well!

  2. A second vote for putting everything in the main post! It’s easier than trying to remember to scroll down and find the recent health post – wow, that sounds really lazy! But it’s true! 🙂 Nick and I DVR Biggest Loser too. The transformations are amazing.

  3. BTW – for future posts in the sidebar, I think if you put 1/01/10 instead of 1/1/10, it should work chronologically. At least it “should.”

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