Did I Mention…

… that I am an excellent Wii bowler??!!

just sayin…

We had a quiet weekend as usual. The air and wind was just frigid so we decided not to go for a planned walk in the woods.
Now it’s back to regular life for a while. I was planning on undecorating at Chesley this week but my boss asked me to leave it up for one more week. Guess I’ll need to go and water the arrangements a couple more times.
Later on it’s a trip to the vet for Casey to get his second distemper shot. Big doings on The Hill huh? *yawn*

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One Response to Did I Mention…

  1. warren says:

    That’s how my 6 year old daughter bowls…she just walks up and flips her wrist and DESTROYS us every time! Well done!

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