My Love/Hate Relationship With Wii Fit Plus

OK, I know that I’m hauling around more than a few extra pounds lately. But it’s a little insulting to hear a plastic balance board with a munchkin voice telling me I’m overweight and making little highly condescending sounding “ohs!” when I step on the thing!
Not only that… I’ve learned that I’m unbalanced and uncoordinated as well!
What really irritates me is that the darned thing is right! Here’s proof…

That’s my first Wii injury! I confess I uttered a few very unladylike words when this happened!
BUT, my personal Wii trainer is very nice and encouraging, most of the time anyway… she does mention that certain body tests aren’t exactly “my forte”.

I do enjoy most of the fitness games and exercises that I’ve tried and being ‘scored’ after I do them and learning that I was less than good makes me want to keep trying to get better which means more time actually exercising!

A side note to BFG… you’re supposed to take the body tests that measure your Wii fit age more than once! Just because you were 27 years old on your first test doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels!

I would certainly recommend the Wii system to anyone… it sure beats being a couch potato!

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4 Responses to My Love/Hate Relationship With Wii Fit Plus

  1. deb says:

    Oh my, ouch. I got the same “ohs” when stepping on too. The more I took the test, the younger I got.

  2. caprip says:

    Poor foot!

  3. caprik says:

    Schmenky!!!! Your poor toe!
    Honey said yesterday that we are dieting next year. We got a new battery for our scale yesterday and I am very afraid to try it out!

  4. bfg says:

    following CapriDs theory– I should take it again– then I can be 20

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