Another View From the Bedroom Window

Final measurement between 21″-22″!!!

We FINALLY got Neighbor Mike’s tractor started and it promptly got stuck so we unstuck it and backed it back into the barn!

THANKFULLY, the Crazy Dog Couple had already let me borrow their Kubota to get our driveway cleared! (After Mr. C had hand shoveled a good portion of it!)

I can’t help but wonder what Princess Paddy would have thought of this! I don’t think she would have liked it a BIT!

We’ve got these single shovel width pathways going to all of our must-get-to places. Unfortunately we had a LOT more of these to dig than usual since we are critter sitting for Neighbor Mike!

Methinks that Mr.C and I are both going to be unable to move after our muscles seize up!

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3 Responses to Another View From the Bedroom Window

  1. caprip says:

    Walkin in a winter wonderland!!! What is the temperature?

  2. caprik says:

    No more dreaming of a white Christmas for you! Yikes! My back hurts just looking at all that shoveling!

  3. warren says:

    You got double what we did and we got way too much! I figure it will be melting the next few days so we’ll get to look forward to the flooding next!

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