Way Back Christmas

My earliest Christmas memory is from 1967. I was 5 years old and we woke up on Christmas morning and opened presents. Then we went to church. When we got home, Mom went into the house first and then I came in and Mom told me that Santa must have come back while we were at church to leave something he’d forgotten to leave for me on Christmas Eve!
It was this baby doll AND she had her very own stroller so I could push her all around the neighborhood! I was so excited and happy and I couldn’t believe that Santa had actually come back!

This was as far as my motherly instincts ever went except for all of my four-legged fur babies of course!

This is me and my baby and Capri P…

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5 Responses to Way Back Christmas

  1. caprik says:

    Look how excited you were to give that baby a bottle!!!!

    The Wee Capri’s are adorable!

  2. CapriP says:

    We have matching bangs!!

  3. deb says:

    You look so sweet, and so much like Steph. I love the Santa story, I will have to ask your mom…I wonder if she remembers it too.

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