I’ve Created a Monster

The Scmenkmans have long known about the joys of fondue. They have introduced me to the feasting in the past, and most recently this past October when the Capris and Bermudas were treated to a gut-busting extravaganza.

So imagine my joy when on a recent run through of Ross Dress For Less I came across this major bargain…

In case you can’t make out the price tag… it was only $14.99!!

When Mr. C. came home and saw it sitting on the counter he was a bit… sceptical. He remembered his mom doing fondue way back in the day and didn’t remember being impressed.
I explained to him that this was different, not cheese fondue, but oil fondue… basically fried food!
THEN I added the information that various dips were involved and I could see in his eyes that he was intrigued… still sceptical, but intrigued nonetheless.
He also may have been a bit concerned if fonduing was considered a ‘manly’ thing to do… you know, kinda like that ‘real men don’t eat quiche’ controversy from way back.
I assured him that Mr. Schmenkman (aka Honey) was a seasoned fondue-er and that eased his mind.
So last weekend, once I began the preparation he was quite enamoured with the whole idea… pre-cut fried food with lots of different dipping sauces… how can you go wrong?

We had chicken,steak,shrimp,scallops, and okra with a variety of dips.
Mr. C indulged in the breading process while I skipped that step.
NOW he has ordained himself “The KING of Fondue”

I told him that ‘Honey’ just might challenge him on that… and considering that Honey actually prepares the fondue and doesn’t just eat it, I’ll be on Honey’s side!

So anyway, while at the grocery store yesterday, I called Mr.C. to see if he needed milk…. he said “yes, and don’t forget to pick up all the ingredients for the fondue tomorrow!”
Yes, I’ve created a monster!
I’m pretty sure he plans on fonduing every weekend now… I’ll have to break it to him that it is supposed to be a special occasion kind of thing.
Of course he IS spoiled, so we’ll be fonduing this evening just because I love him.

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3 Responses to I’ve Created a Monster

  1. caprik says:

    Ooooh, new converts!!!!!
    Glad it was a SUCCESS!
    You are right, it looks like the exact same pot, same forks too!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Fondue!

  2. Angie says:

    ooohhh! This we could get behind in this house! I am looking for a pot now!

  3. warren says:

    I love the fondue pot! We don’t do it nearly enough, but if I had several (which I could at that price) I am sure we could leave them around so I would remember! Nice score!

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