Life Goes On

It’s no secret that I’ve not been myself lately. Aside from having the never-ending head-cold from hell for the past couple of weeks, I’m still working through the loss of Paddy.
It has really been a struggle for me. You all know that I’ve lost a good number of much loved pets in my life. Each of those losses left a scar on my heart, but losing Paddy has been much different.
I’ve been looking out into the gardens and seeing all of the clean up that needs doing, but every time I go out in the yard I’m overwhelmed with memories.
Paddy under her apple tree

Paddy in the pond

Walking with Paddy

Teaching Paddy about picking raspberries

Paddy fixing up her house

And how empty that house is now

The memories made my heart hurt, so I’ve been just turning around and going back into the house. Too sad to do a thing.
Yesterday I went out and again was tempted to turn around and go back inside but I forced myself to walk around and take inventory of things. Talk about overwhelmed! The weeds… the work!
But I told myself… “self, just weed this one little section and then you can go back inside and be sad”

Look at those weeds!
I did it though, I knelt down and pulled those weeds and stood up and surveyed my work…

I felt the healing begin, with each weed I pulled my heart felt a little bit lighter.
I got motivated… I PULLED me some weeds! I cut back those dead perennials

And then I started noticing that the frosts hadn’t killed everything… the chipmunks planted this sunflower for me and Jack Frost didn’t kill it!

Other flowers are hanging on too…
A purple coneflower

the pot of million bells on the back deck

Salvia May Night

And this Angel wing begonia only half gave up…

While I still don’t understand why God chose to bring Paddy home to Him, I’m seeing that life does go on no matter how cold the air is or how cold our hearts feel, and even though we may have sad times or hard times that Life Is STILL Good.

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3 Responses to Life Goes On

  1. deb says:

    What a beautiful post. At the funeral home today, Sue’s husband said that the best thing he could do right now is stay busy. Maybe the memories will soon start to be sweet, and not quite so painful.

  2. CapriP says:

    I love you sissy

  3. caprik says:

    I love this post. Very good perspective Mrs. Schmenkman.

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