Poor Kubota

Kubota injury 003
The poor guy is going to be shaved bald in patches forever if he keeps it up.
When Mr.C picked me up from the airport on Saturday he told me that he had a feeling we would have to take Kubota to the emergency vet clinic as soon as we got home. He had spied a large gash on his side just before he left the house to come get me. He said there wasn’t any blood so I was praying it could wait until the next morning since I was way beyond exhausted.
But sure enough, it warranted a visit to get some stitches and even a drainage tube.
Kubota injury 002

They stitched him from the inside with dissolving sutures so I wouldn’t have to make a trip in to have them removed. I did have to take him in yesterday to have the tube removed though. He’s recovering nicely.

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2 Responses to Poor Kubota

  1. caprik says:

    Whew! He did a doozy!That is some shave job they gave him!
    Poor Kubota! Glad he’s healing nicely.

  2. deb says:

    Oh, so sorry.

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