The Days Are Passing TOO Quickly

I’m getting a little bit queasy. In just two days we will set off on the road to take Paddy to her new home. I’ve been spending extra time with her, lovin on her, walking with her, wrestling. I swear she’s getting snugglier too which is sweet, but will make things harder on me.
Paddy October09 013
Paddy October09 014
Paddy October09 019

People keep telling me that it’s just like when a parent has to let their child go. In a way that’s true, BUT in the case of a child, they are making the decision to go. They have stated that they are ready to go out and live their own life.
With Paddy I worry that she will feel abandoned. Will she think I don’t love and want her?
THAT is the hardest part for me… I’m not worried about MY broken heart, I worry that I might be breaking HER’S!

I know that many people will think that I shouldn’t be putting human emotions onto an animal. They think that animals are “just animals” and that they don’t feel emotions.
Well I’m here to tell you that I have surrounded myself with animals for a good part of my life and animals feel every single emotion that humans feel!
They feel scared, they feel sad, they feel happy, they feel angry, they feel abandoned, they feel lonely, they feel joy, they feel pain… THEY FEEL!
I can’t stand the thought that Paddy will feel that I don’t love and want her anymore. I just hope and pray that she really takes a shine to her new guy and that I can clearly see that she feels happy to be with him. Otherwise, how do I leave her?
Paddy October09 022
Paddy October09 023
I know that she will miss Mr. C. and I.

I hope that she can just walk away and be happy in her new life.
Paddy October09 024

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6 Responses to The Days Are Passing TOO Quickly

  1. warren says:

    She’ll be ok Mom…but it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t worry…

  2. deb says:

    Oh, so hard….will be praying for good adjustment for you both.

  3. caprik says:

    The only thing that is going to give you any comfort is to keep remembering that the details of this move are such a God Thing. To see His provision for Paddy, SO clearly, is nothing short of amazing.
    Praying for your sweet, loving, Mama’s heart during this transition. And Paddy’s too.
    Hopefully the weaning week will be a help for her.
    God sees your sad hearts. Love you.

  4. caprilis says:

    Thanks for the reminder, you’re absolutly right!
    God’s plan is way better than mine…
    gee, ya think???

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