24 Years and Still Goin Strong!

24 years ago today Mr.C and I made that trip down the aisle together.
Best thing that ever happened to me.
I will NOT be posting a wedding picture because it was in the 80s, I was a trendy hair dresser and my fashion choices were NOT classic.
Nuff said.

I will post some pics of my dream guy though… recent ones to show just a couple of the reasons he’s the best guy in the world.

#1… He makes me breakfast sometimes… the worlds best fried egg sandwiches!
Mr.C. 001

Mr.C. 002

#2… He helps with yardwork!
Mr.C. 003

#3… He paints all the doors!
Mr.C. 005

#4… He loves the kitties…
Casey 010



#5… He loves Paddy
Paddy October09 030

#6 He helps with all the critter care
squirrel babies 012

Around the Hill 040

#7… He takes great care of his Dad
visit with Dad H.-6

And the most important thing of all…
He loves ME!
Erin & Charlie -27

Of course there are a gazillion other reasons he’s great…
He loves my family and my friends.
He never puts up a fuss when the Capris come and take over the house.
He’s a good provider.
He takes care of me when I’m sick.
He brings me coffee in the morning.

Oh I could go on and on… suffice it to say that I am one very blessed wife and I thank God every single day that Mr C is my guy!
Happy Anniversary Mr.C, I’ll love you till I croak too!
(that’s an inside frog-joke)

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5 Responses to 24 Years and Still Goin Strong!

  1. BFG says:

    Happy anniversary to you both–y’all belong together

    nice gator—

  2. caprik says:

    Happy Anniversary!! You chose wisely!
    You got yourself a keeper, that Mr. C is a World Class Hunk of Honey!
    Here’s to another twenty four.
    ’85 was a good year!

  3. warren says:

    Happy Anniv! You two look cute as a couple-a buttons!

    And the 80s weren’t soo bad. You can trust us…we won’t make fun…honest!

  4. deb says:

    Hope you had a nice anniversary, and may you have many many more!!! Two wonderful people, made for each other. Yes, show the dress….I showed mine.

  5. Happy belated anniversary!! Would love to see this 80s dress and hair! 🙂

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