Updates and stuff

Wally and Stella are HOME!!! That is what the Crazy Dog People decided to name Dog-Ducks 1 & 2.
They went all out and built them a beautiful enclosure and even a house with cedar shake shingles! They moved in yesterday afternoon and they are very happy there…
dog- ducks 1 and 2 012

They seemed to enjoy being a part of this pack…
dog- ducks 1 and 2 015
but then who wouldn’t be!

Fall is starting to show her colors here on The Hill, this tree in Neighbor Mike’s pasture always seems to be the first to change…
Around the Hill Oct 09 002
(Hey, I just noticed there is a deer in that picture!)

The Cut-leaf Sumac turns a firery red but the leaves fall off very quickly afterwards…
Around the Hill Oct 09

We ummmm forgot to bring in the feeders the other night and mama bear and babies showed up again…
bear cubs 2 018

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2 Responses to Updates and stuff

  1. warren says:

    You can leave them feeders out…you just need to go out at 1:04 to grab them up for a few minutes…

  2. Angie says:

    I love ducks and geese. Those two look very happy with their home.

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