Well, the 2nd Dog-Duck arrived yesterday after a mix-up on the Friday arrival time.
This guy is a bit older and was rescued from even more deplorable conditions than Dog-Duck-1.
He was also housed in an outdoor kennel with dogs but the difference is that all of them were starving. It’s amazing that the dogs didn’t kill and eat the duck… just amazing!
It was clear how malnourished he was when I put him in with D.D.-1
D.D.D.’s bill and feet were extremely pale compared to the bright orange of D.D.-1’s and his neck is sooooo skinny. I can feel the bones beneath his feathers.
dog- ducks 1 and 2 004
When first introduced, the ducks did not know what to make of each other. Neither has ever seen another duck since they were tiny babies!
D.D.-1 showed a bit of territorial behaviour at first but after only one night together they are happy little buddies that just MAY be starting to understand that they really aren’t dogs after all!
dog- ducks 1 and 2 005

I can really see a big difference in D.D.-1’s personality already! He/she seemed depressed before but now he/she is so happy to have a buddy to swim with!
dog- ducks 1 and 2 006
(By the way, I’m convinced it’s a SHE)

We had quite an adventure this morning when I put both of them in Paddy’s pond together for the first time I’ll have to write about that later though. Suffice it to say, Paddy was NOT happy and I think the ducks will have to stay in their own enclosure under the deck until the Crazy Dog Couple have their new home all ready for them!

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5 Responses to Dog-Duck-Deux

  1. Capri P says:

    Cool!! Were the dogs rescued also? I hope

  2. caprilis says:

    Yes, they confiscated all of the animals from the property. 🙂

  3. deb says:

    DD1 and DD2, arriving at the same time so they can grow up together, another chapter in your book!

  4. caprik says:

    I think you should call DDD 3D!
    It does look so pitiful. I’m so glad they found you and each other!

  5. warren says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would put the two sorts of critters together? And then someone else did it too? That’s a bit crazy! Anyhow, so glad you are able to care for them properly!

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