Paddy makes a break!

Apparently Princess Paddy didn’t want to wait for her evening stroll yesterday!
Mr. C and I were out picking up a new chain saw bar and a few other things when Neighbor Mike spotted what he assumed to be a ground hog headed across the pasture, then he realized it was Paddy wanting to go for a swim in the pool!
I guess I didn’t put enough tension on the bungee that holds the 2×4 across the gate so she can’t muscle her way out. She pushed up the 2×4 and pushed the bottom of the gate out and she was on her way. Thank You Lord that Mike saw her and rounded her up and thank You too that Duck-Dog didn’t escape along with her!
A trip to the store for some chain to double lock the gate is on the list of chores for today.
Speaking of Duck-Dog… I found a new home for him/her! Appropriately, the crazy dog couple from down the street is adopting him/her! AND, believe it or not, I got a call from a lady whose hairs I cut telling me of yet another duck-dog that was being held at a near-by humane shelter that was looking for a home! She’s bringing it out today to meet Duck-Dog # 1 and the crazy dog couple will give them both a good home where I KNOW they will be spoiled rotten!

I have an unexpected day off of work today since it’s RAINING!!! Thank You again God!

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2 Responses to Paddy makes a break!

  1. Oh my! Paddy certainly had some excitement! We can’t wait to welcome our new additions to our crazy dog family! Nick was away yesterday but wishing he was home to work on the enclosure. 🙂

  2. caprik says:

    Look at that! God even cares where the ”
    duck dog’s” end up! And watches out for The Beeve!

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