Trail Cams are AWESOME!

We bought the Tasco 3 Mega Pixel trail camera for $79.00 at Wally World.
It has given us proof positive that we have at least THREE different bears raiding our bird feeders! There are never more than one at a time. There is the one that I posted pics of before… she came back after I left for work yesterday!
bear cam 3 031
Unfortunately for her, this big guy had emptied the feeders at around 11:30 the night before…
bear cam 3 004
His coat is very thin… he may have mange or something… I hope he finds a warm place to hibernate!
This one came a few nights nights ago… we are pretty sure it is the smaller one we saw with neighbor Mike the other day.
Trail Cam Bear pics 006

I put seed in the feeders yesterday and we set the camera up again last night. It’s still too dark out to see if the feeders are down this morning.
I’m home from work today because… YAY, it rained last night and I’ve got to go and get some supplies later on. I’ll be anxiously watching to see if our morning bear comes back today!
After today we’ll start bringing the feeders in before we go to bed. As much fun as it is to see the bears, we really don’t want to encourage them to hang around.

I’ll highly recommend this trail cam if you’re thinking of getting one. Mr.C was looking through his Cabelas catalog and there are some that sell for over $500! This one is great entertainment and does a great job at a great price!
blog stuff 050
I think we’ll set it up on the porch for a few nights to see what critters are coming and eating the cat food!

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