Back At Nine

Casey 008
Yes, I know, quit rolling your eyes!
Here’s the story, we kept getting middle of the night calls from the security company about the warehouse that Mr.C. runs. The motion sensors kept being activated.
It was happening quite a lot and usually birds are to blame. But this time someone spotted a small orange and white cat who was the culprit!
“WILD, FERAL, no one can get anywhere near it” Mr C said!
So on Sunday we took a havaheart trap and a can of cat food out to trap the little rascal. But FIRST, I said I wanted to call it and see if it would come to me.
He was in my arms in less than 10 minutes. Purring louder than any kitten I’ve ever heard! The poor starving little thing hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for nearly a week! Unless you count the rat poison he ate in desperation.
I knew within seconds that he was MINE… Mr C knew it too, AND Mr. C was perfectly fine with it! He calls him his “Little Man”
We named him Casey, because he was found in the case center.
He throws himself at your feet offering his belly for a rub at every opportunity. He wants to be around us at all times and purrs constantly
So far the other cats seem to be ok with the situation, their noses are a little out of joint, but no major problems. Casey actually pretty much ignores the other ones which I find kind of odd.

He seems to have had no ill effects from the poison so far. We are giving him Vitamin K tablets which is the antidote for rat poison.
On Monday there were two of his brothers found outside by the dumpster that Mr.C caught and took to the humane society.
They were all obviously friendly and socialized, I will NEVER understand how people can care for animals and then just dump them somewhere.
It makes me physically sick.
So meet our “wild and feral” Little Man, Casey…
Casey 005
Casey 002
Casey 004
Casey 007

Mr. Personality Plus, that’s him.
Have I mentioned that I don’t even LIKE orange cats??

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10 Responses to Back At Nine

  1. caprik says:

    Does he like to be spanked????

    Can’t wait til I get my paws on him!I think I wuv him!

    Back to 9, huh? I’m surprised you didn’t keep the brothers too!

  2. caprik says:

    P.S. How old do you think?

  3. deb says:

    Those orange cats love you though! Some things are just meant to be….can’t wait to meet him.

  4. caprilis says:

    Mr C did not tell me about the brothers until AFTER they were safely ensconced at he humane society! He knows me well!

  5. Capri P says:

    welcome to Lisa’s world Casey! you WILL NOT be disappointed!

  6. Meeting Casey last night was such a treat!! Thanks for having us over. He beyond sweet and a lucky, lucky boy! 🙂

  7. “He beyond sweet?” Sheesh.. it’s too early for me to be commenting I think. 😉 HE’S beyond sweet.

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  9. Hi! I’m here from Capri K’s. 🙂

    He’s very cute! I LOVE that first picture, where he’s reaching for the camera as if to say, “Here, this is my good angle.”

  10. wfp94 says:

    We have 2 of those “feral” cats nearly tamed and their next step is inside I am sure…but I dig cats so it’s cool! Congrats on your new addition!

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