Big Excitement!

Mr. C has been distraught that he hasn’t seen a bear all year while I’ve seen several. So this morning we got up early and drove into town to do some grocery shopping. As we rounded a corner on Browntown road there was a young bear right in the road. Just a small one, but Mr. C was so pleased that finally he saw his first bear of the year!

We came home and split a bunch of wood for later this winter and then both of us jumped on the lawn mowers to git-r-dun.
After we finished that up. we decided to take Paddy for an afternoon stroll on a different route then we usually take… we took the hill along neighbor Mike’s place and planned on heading down towards Rocky Lane. The sound of Mike’s pool was distracting Paddy and she really wanted to go for a swim.
Mike saw us and came out with a pear for Paddy and we stood on the hill just shootin the poop when a movement in the horse pasture caught our eye… it was a deer running at full speed. THEN we looked behind the deer and saw ANOTHER BEAR running after the deer!
Then the bear must have smelled us because it stopped and stood there for a minute trying to figure out where we were. Mr.C decided to see how close he could get and snuck down the hill along the brush line and got within 30 or so yards of him. THEN some-one’s boxer(dog) off of Rocky Lane got a whiff of the bear and the chase was on! Mr.C said that the last time he saw the bear he had jumped between a split rail fence and sent the top rail flying into the air! Needless to say, Mr. C will go to bed a happy man seeing TWO bears in one day! I won’t remind him that since I saw both of them as well that I’m still way ahead of him on bear sightings this year! Not that it’s a contest or anything…

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3 Responses to Big Excitement!

  1. caprik says:

    WOO HOO Mr. C!!!!
    10 toes up, dreamin’ of bears!

  2. deb says:

    I know how exciting it is to see a bear, remember…up on the Skyline.

  3. warren says:

    A bear chasing a deer? I have seen lots of bears but I’ve never seen that! They are master dumpster divers!

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