And Then There Were Five

I’m still feeling terribly guilty and sad that Little -Bit died on my watch.
I can’t think of anything I did wrong, but then again why did he die after coming so far under the care of others? *SIGH*
But there are still these little monkeys to take care of so I can’t dwell on my failure too much.
squirrel babies 010
They grow so fast and are starting to sample acorns and nuts and stuff.
Mr. C. is an excellent assistant…
squirrel babies 013
I’ll have them until next Tuesday. By then they should be off formula and will start being prepared for release. I will not be releasing them here on The Hill after the big dove incident. That makes me sad as I would love to have them stay.

Labor Day morning I worked and Mr.C. took Paddy up to the big pond for her second field trip. I never did get those pics posted from the first one did I???
Anyway, Paddy helped Mr C haul in a fish …
Paddy's first field trip to Chesley 001
(not really, she mostly just got in the way)
She really does have a good time out there but she always makes sure she knows where her ‘family’ is and doesn’t let us too far out of sight.
Paddy's first field trip to Chesley 010
Paddy's first field trip to Chesley 018

When we have to leave she throws a little fit like a little kid being told they have to leave the pool or playground. She’s such a sweetie though!

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4 Responses to And Then There Were Five

  1. deb says:

    Paddy’s behaviour is just so surprising and amazing. Oh, don’t dwell on Lilbit, the other’s are doing fine and prospering under your care. Hugs.

  2. D says:

    was looking forward to these.

  3. Angie says:

    Do you ever wonder if one day when Paddy is out swimming that instinct will take over and the call of nature will be stronger than the call of you?

  4. warren says:

    Awesome! A real field trip! It looks like a ton of fun!

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