Sunrises, Bugs and Blooms

On the days when I get on the road to work at just the right time, God will bless me with this and I know it’s gonna be a good day…

blog stuff 049

blog stuff 048

This is the entrance to the Rappahannock Cellars Winery

Sunrise is too early for a wine tasting though.

Then, when I get home, if I have time after all of the critter care, I’ll take a walk around the gardens and try to get pics of pretty things to post for your enjoyment.
This year I planted Zinnias. The variety is called ‘State Fair Mix’. They are very tall and great for cutting. The blooms are large and the Flutter-bys love them!

flowers and yard 09 001

flowers and yard 09 003

flowers and yard 09 005

The Bumble bees love the sunflowers that the chipmunks planted for me.
flowers and yard 09 007

I’ve come to the conclusion that chipmunks have something magic in their saliva since every sunflower that they plant seems to grow (not usually in the best places) Yet the row that I planted of different varieties for cutting don’t even germinate!

O’well, no matter where a sunflower grows it’s gotta make you smile.
TGIF… have a great weekend y’all!

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3 Responses to Sunrises, Bugs and Blooms

  1. caprik says:

    Those are beautimous! Flutter-by catnip!

    The bees on your sunflower remind me of what is going on in some of my pots out back, but it’s not so pleasant. There are nasty Japanese beetles (your least favorite bug) mating all over them. It’s indecent.

  2. deb says:

    Lovely! That middle flutterby is just beautiful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that.

  3. What a great picture! …if only I started my days early enough to catch that angle! 🙂

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