A Prickly Endeavor

For the past few years I’ve known that the arbor I had built at the top of the back hill several years ago was succumbing to the elements. I’ve been hoarding new cedar branches with the thoughts of building a new one. But the thought of tackling the huge New Dawn Rose that is growing on it had discouraged me from actually getting started.
flowers and yard 09 068
When we went out to check the chickens one evening Mr.C pointed out that the arbor “might need some work”…
Around the hill 2 (21)
Um, yeah… I guess I’d better get on that before it collapses right onto some one’s head!
So, I began the slow, tedious and job of trimming back the vicious rose without sacrificing the long canes. After many scratches I was able to pull the canes away from the arbor and fold them back while I worked on the new one.
Around the hill 2 (2)
Since no cedar trees were available for the four main posts, I had to use treated fence posts for those. I ran out of branches so I’m not satisfied with how it looks yet but here’s what I’ve done so far…
Around the hill 2 (14)
Around the hill 2 (19)

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4 Responses to A Prickly Endeavor

  1. caprik says:

    You are doing a fine job there Schmenky!

  2. Steph says:

    It looks great!!

  3. warren says:

    It’s gonna look great once it grows back in..well done!

  4. deb says:

    The rose will eventually hide all your work, so as long as its strong enough for the mighty New Dawn ….but it does look great!

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