Building An Addition

Mr. C. and I spent most of yesterday afternoon building an addition… not for us, for PADDY of course!
Here’s the story… I had glanced inside of her ‘lodge’ last week and realized that she had been digging a hole to China in there! So we filled it in and put a rock over the area because there was a slight possibility that if she kept going she could tunnel her way right out of the enclosure. The next day I looked and saw that she had started another hole and it became apparent to us that she was actually trying to dig a tunnel to the pond so she could get in and out of the water right from her lodge. This is a natural beaver behaviour as they usually have several entrances to their lodges with some of them right under water.
Since we knew she would be unsuccessful and become frustrated trying to tunnel through a steel tank we decided to improvise…
More Paddy Outside 016
More Paddy Outside 004
It’s a small box (which doubles as a seat for ME) that hangs over the edge of the pond. There is no bottom and we cut her a new door so she can swim right up and go inside.
She likes it!
More Paddy Outside 003

Here is the view from the water into her lodge…
More Paddy Outside 005

Then an unexpected, very cool thing happened… you see, I was becoming worried that I was raising a very, well, LAZY beaver! She never wanted to collect sticks or try to build a dam or anything. She just slept all day and ate!
BUT, as soon as she checked out this new entrance that girl got B-U-S-Y!
More Paddy Outside 012
She started collecting branches by the mouth-full and dragging them through the pond and through the new entrance into her lodge!
She did it over and over…
More Paddy Outside 011

She had a plan… oh yes she did! She was going to block that old door where everybody peeks in a bothers her while she’s trying to NAP!
This is what it looked like this morning…
More Paddy Outside 015

I’m so proud of her… she’s doing real beaver stuff! I guess I’m not such a bad beaver mom after all.

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2 Responses to Building An Addition

  1. caprik says:

    What is that Bible verse? Train up a beaver in the way that it should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it?
    Good for Paddy!!! And you Guys!

  2. warren says:

    You ARE a good beaver mom…clearly!

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