Larn sumthin new ever day

(That title was a poor attempt at a long slow southern farmer’s drawl)

Anyway, I’ve had chickens for quite a number of years now and this is the first time this particular issue has come up!
chickens09 028

Poor Kowalski! I don’t even know how the poor guy ate with that over grown beak! With his ‘hairdo’ I didn’t see this going on until recently.
I knew that other bird breeds need beak trims sometimes but none of the other chickens have ever had this problem.

So I googled (or as DaMaMa would say “goggled”) trimming a chickens beak and got the info I needed. Just like trimming a toenail it said.
So I borrowed the crazy dog lady’s dog nail trimmers (cuz cat trimmers seemed to small for the job), collected Mr. K and prepared myself for a battle roy-al!

Well let me tell you, it was a TOTAL…

… non-event. The boy sat as still as a statue and never even squawked! Such an angel he is!
So here’s how he looks now…
chickens09 029

No blood was involved for either of us so I pronounce the procedure a resounding success!
He’s so much handsomer now after his nose job don’tcha think?
chickens09 031

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2 Responses to Larn sumthin new ever day

  1. caprik says:

    He is EVER so handsome with his rhinoplasty. Or should I say “roostoplasty”?

  2. deb says:

    Well, I declare, that is really sumpthin.

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