It’s Pickin Time!!!

Oh Yes… those luscious, antioxidant-filled, plump little berries.
Around the Hill 028

Tux came to help guard against any marauding Mockingbirds or Catbirds while the protective netting was pulled away.
Around the Hill 029

And the payoff from a mere six plants…
Around the Hill 030
That container is 8″x9″ and the bushes are still loaded with green ones! Just an observation…. green blueberries are really tasty try one next time you’re pickin!

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2 Responses to It’s Pickin Time!!!

  1. caprik says:

    It’s a good thing Tux was there for protection!
    Blueberries, Yum!

  2. warren says:

    Jealous here in WV…

    Ours are crap…

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