Lookie What I Found!!!

As I was passing by a puddle at work today I looked down and happened to notice movement; expecting to see a frog, imagine my surprise to find this little teeny tiny bit of cuteness…
blog stuff 016

Just barely bigger than a quarter… probably just hatched!blog stuff 014

Now everything I’ve read about pond keeping advises against having turtles as they are supposedly destructive. But seriously, who could resist this face…
blog stuff 020

I released it into the pond after snapping these pictures… I may never see it again with all of the water lillies!
blog stuff 021

I hope he/she sticks around!

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2 Responses to Lookie What I Found!!!

  1. caprik says:

    How adorable! I thought you would introduce it to Cedric and Scooter (I think it’s Scooter?)
    What is it’s name?

  2. vickie (kup) says:

    How’s Quarterback doing in the pond with Paddy?

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