Uh-Oh… and a few other things

Uh-Oh… we had a morning visitor in the garden…
flowers and yard 09 071
Fun to see but she has GOT to go away! She was seriously eating my flowers… not good!!!

Last Friday I went to my friend/ex-boss’s new house to consult about her gardens. I wish she lived closer cuz I would LOVE to keep working for her…. check out her living wall…
Lindy's garden 005
How awesome is THAT??!!! The sculpture was done by her late husband, Frederick Hart.
Enjoy a few more pics…
Lindy's garden 001
Lindy's garden 004
Lindy's garden 006
Lindy's garden 003

Today was a long busy day at the wildlife center… I came home with a female mallard to release at Chesley and three pigeons to release here at the house.

Tonight we’re looking forward to watching the Wings and Penguins fight for the cup… well, the first period anyway… we go to bed early around here. It wouldn’t hurt our feelings too much if the Wings lost tonight just so they could head back to Detroit and win the cup there… the fans deserve it!

Tomorrow I”m going to buy 8 chickens and a rooster for Chesley… I’ll post pics.

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3 Responses to Uh-Oh… and a few other things

  1. Capri Kel says:

    Lindy’s living wall is looking loverly!!!!

    I heard from Capri Patt that you had a nice visit.

    How did the releases go?

  2. deb says:

    Beautiful wall, and sculptures. The deer looks quite content, hope she doesn’t tell her friends.

  3. warrenp94 says:

    Wow on that garden! You thinking of making one for your place?

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