This and That

We had a heckofa thunderstorm last night and it’s still wet and misty this morning. I’ll go shopping for plants for Chesley in a little while, but I’ll take a few minutes to update y’all on what’s been going on.

Neighbor Mike welcomed a new horse to the pasture the other day. She isn’t really his horse, he is keeping her in exchange for riding privileges. Her name is Dixie, which is also Mike’s black lab’s name, so we’ve taken to calling her Dixie Too. She’s a pretty thoroughbred mare about 20 years old…
Around the Hill 002
Miracle and Delilah seem to be accepting her fairly well.

Paddy gave the unripe plums fallen from the Crazy Dog people’s tree a try and declared them worthy…
Paddy Outside 016

The babies are filling up the wildlife center…
ever seen a baby vulture???…
Wildlife Center 007

There are a couple of baby barred owls…Wildlife Center 002

The usual raccoons…
Wildlife Center 010

And plenty of other little bundles of cuteness.
Life is busy busy busy, the weeds have the upper hand right now and I’ve got to get out there and regain control!

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2 Responses to This and That

  1. caprik says:

    You show those weeds who is BOSS!

    Very CUTE racca-coons! And that Dixie Too is a purty gal!

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