Way Back When-sday/fitness

Whew… thought I was going to miss a second way back whensday!
Since I’m on a quest to loose all of this excess poundage I’ve picked up I decided to go back for a little inspiration!
Way back when we still lived in good old Michigan I would go to aerobics with my sissy, aka Capri P. For awhile there they would do a ‘fitness weekend’ once a year where you could sign up and the festivities would be held at a hotel. There would be guest speakers, various classes, spa type treatments… all that kinda fun.
In 1991 one of the speakers was Mr. Universe or Mr World or some such title for a body builder…. his name was Peter Nielsen and here I am with him and Capri P…

way back 005 (2)
I remember him being a very nice guy… (notice that he liked me better than Capri P!) LOL

Anyway, we got his book and went up to the room where Capri P was reading about ‘Growing Up Strong’ while eating tostitos and lady fingers and drinking coke (probably mixed with something)… but I’m sure it was DIET coke!!… Here’s proof…
way back 006 (2)

As you can see we took our fitness seriously!! Trust me when I tell you that this time I’m trying a bit harder!

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5 Responses to Way Back When-sday/fitness

  1. Capri P says:

    Peter Nielson is STILL around and has a local tv show on the weekends I think! And……what the heck was I wearing??

  2. Capri P says:

    Oh……..and I LOVE your haircut!

  3. caprilis says:

    You were wearing what was at the time I’m sure a very stylish leotard ensemble!
    You like my haircut way back then or now?

  4. caprik says:

    What a toothpick you were!!!
    1991, did I do that haircut?

  5. deb says:

    Thank you for the laughs this morning! You two were(are) so cute.

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